Madeline Micceri Mignone

Assistant Professor of Biology
Coordinator, Biology Program
Prusmack Center 308
(845) 848-6007 

BS Biology – Pace University
MS Education – Iona College
M.Phil. Biology CUNY Graduate Center
Ph.D. Biology CUNY Graduate Center 

Scientific research interests:

  • Role of arabinogalactan proteins in plant development
  • Phytoremediation 
  • The role  of Pink-pigmented Facultated Methylotrophs  in plant development

Educational objective:

  • To provide students with a challenging environment that promotes critical thinking by which they will grow as science students.  
  • To promote the retention of undergraduate students in the sciences.
  • To explore the process of scientific investigation through literature review and experimental design 

Dissertation Thesis: The Role and Control of Growth Suppression in the Transition from Diffuse to Apical Meristematic Growth in Physcomitrella patens (furnariaceae)

Professor Mignone’s publications and presentations include: 

  • “Evidence for the interrelated actions of auxin, ethylene and arabinogalactan proteins on the transition from non-apical to apical growth of Physcomitrella patens Hedw. (Funariaceae).” In Cell and Developmental Biology of Arabinogalactan-Proteins, E.A. Nothnagel, A. Bacic, and A.E. Clarke, eds (New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers), pp. 205–219.
  • “The Ethical Questions about Human Stem Cell Research.”