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The DC Fund

The DC Fund is the primary vehicle through which alumni, parents, staff and friends provide support for Dominican College. Contributions to the DC Fund are used to immediately sustain the College’s day-to-day operations and to fund the College’s strategic initiatives. You can make an online donation here. 

DC Fund Mission  
The mission of the DC Fund is to build participation through yearly gifts from alumni, parents, students, staff and friends by educating them on the needs of the College and involving them in the life of the College.

Thanks to the generous support and active involvement of many alumni and friends, great things have been achieved. Unrestricted annual gifts to the DC Fund have given the College the freedom and flexibility to respond to new ideas and to seize new opportunities. Science classrooms, student aid, new programs – all have been made possible because of generous gifts to the DC Fund

Dominican College is working hard to attract the best and brightest faculty and students, and to provide them with modern facilities and state-of-the art equipment. As these expenses cannot all be covered by tuition alone, support from alumni and friends is so vital and so appreciated.

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Why give?
The DC Fund is the backbone of the College’s fundraising efforts. Without the generous support for scholarships, programming, and other needs, the College would not be able to evolve as one of the best small to moderate size colleges in the lower Hudson Valley region.

Also, College guidebooks, foundations and other organizations view alumni giving participation rates as a critical criterion to rate alumni satisfaction when completing overall institutional quality ratings. A high participation rate therefore positively impacts the College’s reputation and adds to the value of a degree earned at Dominican College.

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 Ten reasons to give  

  1. Tuition only covers about 75% of the actual cost of educating a Dominican College student. Generous support from alumni and friends strengthens the Dominican College experience for all students. 

  2. Over 85 % of all students will receive some type of financial aid every year. Dominican College is responding to the continued need for assistance by families, and to make Dominican College as competitive as possible in recruiting the most academically qualified students regardless of their financial circumstances.

  3. Traditionally, 35-40% of Dominican College students are the first members of their families to attend College. 

  4. To enable Dominican College to retain and attract outstanding faculty who are the best within their chosen profession.

  5. Alumni giving rates serve as the measure by which corporations and foundations rate alumni involvement. This is a major consideration for these groups when making major gifts to colleges and universities. 

  6.  College guidebooks such as U.S. News and World Report, Barrons, and Fiske use alumni giving participation rates as the sole criterion to rate alumni satisfaction when completing overall institutional quality ratings. To move up in the rankings, and thus attract quality students, we must increase our alumni participation rate. 

  7. The rankings noted in #5 above also serve to increase the value of a degree from Dominican College.

  8. Some of the areas that depend on support from annual gifts are: innovative academic programs, student scholarships, faculty teaching and research, campus technology, and much more. 

  9. To reaffirm your commitment to Dominican College and its mission.

  10. Because one student, educated at Dominican College, can positively impact the lives of thousands. 

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What your gift can support
Contributions of any size not only support the College’s students, faculty and programs, but also demonstrate a vote of confidence in Dominican College. The number of individuals who participate in the giving to Dominican College is a significant factor in determining college rankings, attracting talented students and faculty and influencing corporate and foundation grant support of foundation, corporations, and most importantly our community of alumni and friends. In essence, your gift increases the perception and value of a Dominican College degree.

Simply put, as a participant of the DC Fund, you help Dominican College grow as an incomparable place of higher learning.

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Support the College  
The quickest way to start making a difference is to give online.

You can support the College by cash, check, or credit card. These gifts can result in immediate tax savings for you and provide the College with funds for current use.

Checks should be made out to Dominican College and sent to:

Dominican College Annual Fund
470 Western Highway
Orangeburg, NY 10962

The College accepts gifts made through Visa and MasterCard. You can make your credit-card contribution online or by calling us at  (845) 848-7400.