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Alternative Spring Break Volunteer Sites Announced

Dominican College will be sending volunteer groups to three different sites this year, to partner with Habitat for Humanity, during the Spring Break, March 1, 2014- March 9, 2014.  Each site has a unique perspective and will focus on a different aspect of the housing crisis in the United States.

There will be twelve students and two staff members travelling to both Baltimore, MD and Macon, GA to explore the economic downturn, the cycle of poverty and the factors that suppress this subset of the population, particularly in cities. 

There will be ten students and two staff members travelling to Asbury Park, NJ to aid in the rebuilding and revitalization efforts in response to Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged the Northeast coastline in October 2012.  This group will explore the impact of a widespread disaster on a community in many ways.

The students participating in this program are required to attend weekly meetings until the trip, in order to learn about the history of the site they are visiting, and the population they will be serving alongside.  They are also required to contribute, financially, to the cost of their travel and lodging.  The educational value of these experiences is undeniable; however the cost can be prohibitive for many.  The participants will be fundraising and spreading awareness for their trips; if you would like to make a contribution to support our students, you may contact Christine Dilts, Director of Community Engagement and Leadership Development.

Christine Dilts
Dominican College
(845) 848-4122

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