About the Speaker  



Robin Butler is a pediatric occupational therapist (OT) who received a BA in Sociology and Masters of Science degree from Boston University’s Sargent College. She studied under the tutelage of Anne Fisher, Catherine Scott Trombly, Sharon Cermack, Anne Henderson, and a host of other professors. Prior to receiving her degree in OT, she held a plethora of positions as a recreational therapy assistant, head teacher of a preschool, teaching assistant for a special needs classroom in the Boston Public School System, special needs camp counselor, and numerous public service jobs. She worked as an OTR at the EISEC school for severely disabled and medically fragile children, a program affiliated with Boston university medical Center. She also worked in the Cambridge Public School System where she focused on service delivery based on sensory integration evaluation and treatment.


For the past 26 years, Ms. Butler has been employed at the YAI/NYL for Early Learning Harry H. Gordon School (early intervention and preschool) in the Bronx, NY. She is also the clinical fieldwork educator for the school. She has cultivated skills in the area of oral motor and feeding therapy and also serves as the consultant for the school. Having attended numerous trainings and conferences in related fields such as respiratory control, NDT, sensory integration, and the effects on the entire mealtime process, Ms. Butler has been sharing her expertise with OT students and teaching OTs in general about their role in the process of feeding.


Ms. Butler is a guest lecturer at Dominican College, and has presented with a team of her colleagues at the annual YAI Conference held at the Crown Plaza, NY. She also conducts informational sessions for families. In addition, Ms. Butler is a private contractor providing consultation and direct intervention to children with CP, Down Syndrome, Cleft Lip/Palate, Autism/PDD, and sensory integration dysfunction with food aversions as well as children with feeding tubes or syndromes with accompanying feeding issues. She is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and AOTA. She resides in the Bronx, NY with her two sons.