Residence Life

Ryan O'Gorman, Director
Tel (845) 848-7600

Dominican College's Residence Halls offer rooms with many different configurations. Among the spaces available in the residence centers are computer labs, lounges, and meeting rooms. All dorm rooms are equipped with cable TV hookups and computer ports. The Residence Centers offer 24-hour front desk coverage, secured front doors, fire safety equipment including sprinklers, pull stations, fire extinguishers and strobe lights for the hearing impaired. There are smoke detectors in every room.

We are also proud of the exceptional standard of our Residence Life Program. Our facilities are more than just places to stay. As a resident, you'll also be part of a stimulating community where you can comfortably live and learn.

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Important Dates for 2013-14 


  • Aug. 23 (Friday) Freshman Move-in
  • Aug. 25 (Sun.) Returning, Transfer, and Commuter to Resident Move-in 
  • Aug. 26 (Mon) Fall Semester begins
  • Nov. 26 (Tues.) Thanksgiving Break (Residence Halls close at 6 p.m *)
  • Dec. 1 (Sun.) (Residence Halls open at 3 p.m)
  • Dec. 13 (Fri.) Fall Semester ends (Residence Halls close at 3 p.m *)



  • Jan. 14 (Tues) Residence Halls Open
  • Jan. 15 (Wed) Spring Semester begins
  • Feb. 28 (Fri.) Spring Break (Residence Halls close at 3 p.m *)
  • Mar. 9 (Sun.) (Residence Halls open at 3 p.m)
  • Apr. 16 (Wed.) Religious Holiday Break (Residence Halls close at 6 p.m *)
  • Apr. 20  (Sun.) (Residence Halls open at 3 p.m)
  • May 9 (Fri.) Spring Semester ends (Residence Halls close at 3 p.m *)


* For all closings and breaks, all residents must vacate the residence halls THREE (3)  HOURS AFTER THEIR LAST ACADEMIC COMMITMENT.  If you cannot leave the residence halls at the required time, you must contact your building director no later than 48 hours before closing to make alternate arrangements.