The beginning was a blast!Or so they now say.Language fails us here, for everything exploded, EVERY THING that ever was, is now, or ever will be.All the matter and energy of this vast expanding universe burst into being.That was the primordial Big Bang, some 15 billion years ago.

What came before?We just donít know.Was there a before?Did anything exist?Was there a super-galactic implosion immediately preceding that most awesome of explosions?Are we in the midst of ongoing cycles of explosions-expansions, contractions-implosions?That has yet to be revealed to us.

In the beginning everything was formless.Aeon after aeon the Spirit moved over the chaos--separating, shaping, ordering, enhancing, activating--producing galaxies and stars, planets and moons.

Our solar system was formed through the resurrection of a deceased star.The molecular remains of an ancient burnt out star were gradually drawn together into a great fiery swirl that became our planetary system.

Our molten earth cooled and formed a skin.The Spirit blew over the oceans.Life emerged and evolved, millions of species, splendidly interwoven.

The Spirit blew over the earth.Humans came forth, each one a reflection pool filled with awareness--the cosmos gained consciousness.

Now time-tested natural processes are giving way to human engineering.Intricate checks and balances with the earth, sea, and sky are surrendering to our intervention.The earth is gambling everything on the human species.We can push cosmic evolution to new heights.Or we can bring upon the earth a great thermonuclear holocaust.Will the end be a blast?