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Masters in Educational Media


The Educational Media program at Dominican College, developed in consultation with leading educators and media professionals, prepares graduates to design and create multi-media instructional materials for the classroom.

The program has two instructional tracks: one for those who wish to become instructional designers, working in the media industry, and one for teachers  holding initial certification.

As an instructional designer, your work may include creating documentaries, developing educational websites, or supporting and training teachers in the use of video, web, and graphic design. Instructional designers are also hired by businesses and by television and movie studios who seek to enhance their broadcast or video productions.

As a teacher with a degree in Educational Media, you will bring cutting edge technological resources to your classroom and be able to support other teachers as a computer coordinator or professional developer. If you are an initially certified teacher, the program leads to professional certification in your area, and enhances your credentials by providing you with an additional initial certification in Educational Technology.

A Flexible Format 

The Educational Media program’s weekend format readily accommodates the schedules of working adults. Classes meet every other week, on Saturday and Sunday, for five weekends. You may complete the program in eighteen months of part time study, or take up to five years to finish.

Program Benefits 

  • Hands-on training provided in educational technology tools for graphics, animation and documentary production.
  • Field-Based team projects involving contemporary productions and websites as well as real
    classroom situations.
  • The 36-credit program may be completed in 18 months.
  • Terms begin four times per year.
  • Classes meet weekends.
  • Deferred payment schedule for students having a tuition remission plan.


To be admitted to the graduate Educational Media program students must meet either of the
following criteria:

  • Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education, with a minimum
    GPA of 3.0. (Students who did not achieve this GPA may be admitted conditionally, after careful
    review of credentials.); or
  • Hold initial teaching certification. (This requirement applies only to those students seeking professional teacher certification and an additional initial certification in Educational Technology.)

Students must also meet the admission and retention criteria of Dominican College.

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