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Dominican College is Pleased to Announce the Addition of a Course in Sustainable Management Practices

Sustainable Management Practices is a broad survey course dealing with matters of sustainability in civic, professional, and personal life. While there is much highlightling of sustainability in our public discourse, there has not been an equal push to practice it. Wasteful government spending, depletion of natural resources, and over-the-top consumer consumption leading to debt and bankruptcy are all examples of the failure to translate discourse into practice.
The course will also tackle some of the paradoxes inherent in sustainability. For example, genetically-engineered seeds produce huge crop yields and reduce hunger, but many of the crops that are produced this way have been stripped of their reproductive properties, leaving farmers to buy seeds year after year instead of harvesting seeds from their own crops. Another paradox: we know that too much consumer spending leads to unsustainable debt, but we also know that the economy is sustained through consumer spending. How do we reconcile the paradoxes ?
The course has no pre-requisites. It will be an engaging and thought-provoking journey through our current and future sustainability landscape.
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